AirStove Q&A

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Q. How far from the house does the wood furnace have to be?

A. We recommend 4 foot from the leading edge of the chimney. Depending on the direction you orientate the unit, this can shorten the distance of the pipes to the house. 12 foot is the maximum before insulation and burying the pipe should be considered.

Q.What type of chimney can I use?

A. While any type of chimney will work, including single, double and triple wall round pipe, or an existing masonry chimney, according to customer feedback the most efficient chimney is a Class A stainless double or triple wall round pipe.

Q. Can I tie into my existing duct work?

A. Yes you can, but depending on your existing duct work, some alterations may need done to achieve the best airflow.

Q. Can I burn coal in the furnace?

A. It is not recommended to burn ONLY coal in the furnace. Some customers have used coal combined with wood to increase air temperatures or burn times at night in very cold weather.

Q. Can I use flexible duct for my supply and return ducts?

A. Standard flex duct is rated at 200 degrees and not recommended for the supply line of the unit. You can purchase flex duct rated at 250 degrees if you choose, or use a 30 gauge steel ducting for the supply. Flex duct CAN be used for the return side of the unit, but make sure that it is UV rated for outside use and longevity.

Q. Do I need to use fire brick?

A. Yes the furnace is designed to use standard 9x4x1 inch fire brick which is available at your local farm store or stove shop. We do not supply the brick in shipping to keep our shipping weight down and saving you money on the shipping.

Q. How long with the furnace burn on a single fill?

A. Burn times depend on the wood type, climate, and efficiency of the homes insulation. With good seasoned wood, and a well insulated house existing users are getting up to 14 hours per fill, While others may only get around 8 hours. Burn times are affected by the thermostat and your ability to satisfy it. If you set your thermostat on an interior wall in the center of the house, it will monitor temperature better, therefore shutting the fire down sooner and increasing your burn times.

Q. Does the furnace have a warranty?

A. The furnace is covered by a 5 year parts and labor warranty. We guarantee our products to be free of defects. Hopsco Energy will cover the cost of parts to include shipping to your residence and labor bills incurred in the repair of those parts. In the case of repairs that are not serviceable on site Hopsco Energy Products will pay to return the unit for repair and ship back to the initial shipping location. Should the service be at the neglect of the user, the user will be charged the freight charges to and from the initial shipping location. Hopsco will not charge the user for said damages caused to the unit, unless it is a complete loss, to be determined by a certified adjuster.

Q. How does the "induction draft" work?

A. The induction fan's power is controlled by the digital thermostat in the house. When the thermostat calls for heat the fan introduces oxygen to the fire. When the thermostat turns off it closes the circuit and starves the fire of oxygen, therefor saving fuel.

Q. What size is the duct and chimney pipe?

A. The supply and return ducts are both 10 inch and the Chimney is 6 inch.

Q. Where can I find a dealer?

A. Over the past years we have had dealers across the country. With numerous calls and emails stating that dealers were unavailable, provided poor service, and even some price gouging we decided to put the dealer network on hold for further evaluation. Our philosophy is to provide a great product at a fair price, and by eliminating the dealer profits and mark up, we invested that money into upgrades and options on the unit. However we have many happy customers and friends who will gladly tell you exactly what they think of the furnace and our service. Buying factory direct not only cuts costs, but puts your service and reliability in the hands of the owners and their personally trusted associates.

Q. What do I need to buy once I receive the furnace?

A.You will need to purchase your supply and standard return ducting, a 6 inch chimney, and a piece of thermostat wire. Depending upon your choice of chimney type, your installation material costs should run between $200 and $600. The pipes do NOT need to be insulated unless you are more than 10 feet from the home. All of your installation material can be purchased from any DIY store or hardware.

Q. Do I need to insulate the duct work outside?

A. We suggest wrapping the duct with a heat approved insulation like Reflectix that is designed for outside use. These products protect the duct from UV and other weather related issues.

Q. How does shipping work?

-Standard Shipping 7-10 days from clear payment

- Can deliver anywhere with forklift or equivalent

- Delivers 9 to 5 on freight trailer (48 feet)

- Shipping times varies, depending on season and demand

-Liftgate Delivery with appointment (add 2 days)

-Freight company will set appointment to deliver

-Delivers on a lift-gate trailer to your home

-Typically 30 foot trailer

-Driver will lower the crate to your driveway or trailer

-A small tractor, skid loader, or trailer will make installation simpler, but if you do not have one, a few strong people will do it.

Q. Can I put the outdoor wood furnace indoors?

A. Yes you can, but will need to run your chimney to code for an inside installation.

Q. Can I burn green wood, slab wood, or pallets in this furnace?

A. You are welcome to burn any type of wood available, keeping in mind that chimney maintenance is a dirty job and burning seasoned dry wood will extend the time between cleanings as well provide a more efficient burning process, by maximizing the Btu's you get from each burn.

Q. How do I order a furnace?

A. We have a proven customer service experience that is second to none. You can begin the process by calling or emailing us today. Hopsco Energy Products employees no sales staff, therefor there are no high pressure tactics or built in commissions. Rest assured that your purchase will be securely handled in an efficient and trustworthy manner. You can call to get a shipping quote and pay in the following ways.

We invoice you through email and you pay with your credit or debit card.

-You can call in with your credit or debit information and we will take it from there

-You can mail cashiers check or personal check

-You can use the store on the site to checkout, but you must first call and arrange your shipping costs and payment.

Q. Where is the answer to my Question?

A.  Call us anytime1-866-878-4922 or email and get replies nearly 24/7

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