Meet Richard

The following video series was done by Richard Henshaw of Michigan. Richard was a dealer and friend of ours and helped to get the word out about our AirStove and helped many customers in Michigan along the way. A big thank you for your time and energy Richard. We hope you enjoy the videos and remember Richard is retired U.S. Navy Pilot and is very detailed in his explanations. 

low usage energy testing

Site placement preperation

Stove Placement

NOTE- Most installs do not face the house. This unit was installed facing the house to make the installation and use easier and more efficient.

Chimney Cleaning (Early Models Pre-2013)

Newer units have a ground access cleaning port that allows you to clean and sweep the chimney safely from ground level. That is not shown in this video.

Initial Break-in burn (Seasoning)

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Seasoning video part 2

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End of season maintenance

Extend the life of your AirStove by performing these simple maintenance steps in the spring.

Grates and daily cleaning

It is very important to shake the grates eveytime you feed the stove. The grates have a gap to allow air to the fire in case you forget or don't have the time. This gap should always be in the middle after shaking the grates and cleaning the ashes.

Not quite 24/7....but close!